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What thoughts are in our meals for you?

We serve wholesome meals to YOU.


History of Chef Yeong Eatery.
Two brothers, 2nd & 3rd received their education in Taiwan and during their stay they enjoy Taiwan traditional noodle 台湾炸酱面 from a certain gentlemen with surname Yeong.  On their return, their father set up a food processing facility in Ipoh as a bakery (食品加工设施)
Later they went into producing Spinach and Goji noodles (Thong Esq said 爽口彈牙。正!) .  At this point they use the name Chef Yeong to sell their noodles.  They use this name as their family name also start with letter Y.  Later the family start up at small shop call "Something Special" Cafe in Hugh Low Street and made a name with (古灵精怪 - 'Thunder' Tea 河婆擂茶).

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Message from Loon Yee
Since Dec 2016 we moved to the current venue.  Recently we revamped our food menu, check out our new Menu IShow Case below.
We also expanded our food production capacity (食品加工设施) to serve outlets of our partners I (合作食品摊位) .

Through the years, we hope you can feel our best effort to assure your  i) health worth 健康  and ii) money's worth large portion 值得公平的大份量 by our following guiding thoughts.

  • Vigilant of your Budget, Taste & Health, hence you will find our food worthy and our price comfortable as we source our materials professionally.  Thus many "come back" for your daily meals.
  • Behind it all, we provide sincere service to cater to your needs to the best of our ability. 

Noodles for Breakfast & Brunch

Rice & Western Food for Brunch & Lunch


Our Oomp fire Something Special Curry for breakfast noodle and brunch rice is now regular 

As you know Ipoh is famous with its own variant of curry noodles.  You can easily name a few venue that many Ipoh old boys will line up whenever they come back home.

Our SS Curry will, we believe, remain as sophisticated, running neck to neck with them. 

Come and try it to believe it.  We pride to serve authentic
HaiNanese Pot Fresh Curry 
with 11 spices, extra Oomp from right amount of Cumin & Cardamon.  Click benefits of Mint to read about its used in our curry.


Don't forget to read our write up on value of Spinach, Goji & 10 others in the Show Case page on "Health Info" about our meals.  We have an extra page to share our "Healthy Living Experience".  They are  based on our belief: if you have to eat, eat healthily, stay health and yet not make holes in your pocket.

Visit us and let us serve you to the best of our ability.  We have a modern kitchen and fast ordering system to keep our 3 food / drinks preparation lines moving efficiently in ever faster speed to cut your waiting time.

Meanwhile thank you for visiting our website.



Our Service Profile

Core Values in our Eatery

Our plan & working team are driven by our values of Humility, Thankfulness and Caring / Give Back Attitude.  Thus we are able to select suitable materials & human resources to prepare meals at your comfort level; a dedicated process to resonate with your stomach.

Inspite of our sincere process, sometimes we are unable to satisfy someone's taste buds as in the saying 萝卜青菜,各有所爱  one man’s meat is another man’s poision.

Comfortable Pricing

You will feel your money's worth when you compare the price with the meal's contents.  We can do this by deligently sourcing our materials professionally.   At the same time we have to make the food interesting with a variety of ingredients; hope you appreciate our effort.

The bottom line: our prices are comfortable to your pocket while offering a wide variety of meaningful, healthy & "come again' meals.

Oishii 美味しい - Tasty

How can you say  美味

  • We start with fresh ingredients kept at below -15°C, prepared 'just in time' at our food processing center.
  • We use a variety of ingredients in each meal; its natural flavour enhance the taste without use of MSG.  Spices & herbs gives a subtle taste that makes you come back.  It is then rightly cooked with CARE.
  • We also think about your health hence Spinach & Goji are used in our self made noodles. Don't forget to read the ShowICase on this.

Our Core Values:   Humble, Thankful & Caring

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Our Menu ShowCase

Menu Showcase of our humble Eatery in Ipoh, classified into
1. Noodles 2. Rice / Porridge 3. Western 4. Drinks 5. Desserts 6. Health Info.


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Nov 2019: After 3 years of your undivided support, we have resurfaced this website to show case our new range of food goodies.

We have 58 guests and no members online

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